Everyone has habits some good and some bad. The one thing you’ll notice, is that both are hard to break. When you do break a habit, you are fully aware that the habit was broken and you feel guilty. Its like brushing your teeth - you do it everyday without fail and if for some reason you “forget” to brush, you know it! (so does everyone around you, but lets just stick to the point here.)
In order to be a great saver, you have to make certain things habits. otherwise they will never stick. The first habit we have to get in to is saving on a daily AND weekly basis.

Daily Savings Plan:
Put a jar somewhere in your house/apartment. I put mine right where I drop my car keys - Its a jelly jar. When you get home, take all the change that is in your pocket and drop it in the jar. This habit will develop quickly and you’ll find its pretty easy to do and it starts getting contagious. You stop dropping change in the car and if you find change in the couch, you feel rewarded!! When I started this in college, I realized that I was finding small piles of change all over my apartment, in my car, even at the bottom of my book bag. Then comes the cash in! Take your full jar to a bank that does not charge you a sorting fee and walk away with some crisp bills. Commerce Bank is a great location for this.

Weekly Savings Plan:
This one is a little tougher but its the most rewarding system yet. Look at your total income after taxes and pick a percentage (don’t go higher than 10%). Let’s assume you chose 5% - take 5% of your money and put it in a separate bank account. According to Wikipedia, the average household income in 2006 was $48,201.00.* (Depending on tax status, the average tax bracket is about 20%**). So, after taxes the average person has approximately $38,500.00. This person should put away $37.00 per week. At the end of the year, you would have saved $2000.00. That’s Two Grand you can use to pay down loans or catch up on bills, but in the end you started saving!!

The key to living rich is making saving money a priority. Once you are able to start saving money, you can take control of those funds and make them work for you but before that can happen - you have to make it a habit.