One of the easiest ways to save is to cut out useless expenses. There are so many things that we pay for on a monthly basis that we just don’t use. Now, some items on this list can be easily rationalized but as soon as you have to make excuses, its time to rethink if your spending money in the right places.

Before you go on, you should re-evaluate your savings. I have covered many topics in this blog – almost too many. But in the end, I have given you various tools and direction that you can apply to your daily routines. So, when you’re ready to start cutting expenses you need to have one months’ worth of bill in front of you laid out on your table.

Take all the essentials which you have already renegotiated [If you haven't done this yet click here for some more insight.], like utilities and phone service, and put them aside. Then, with a highlighter, identify all of the monthly expenses that are non-essentials. For example – Netflix is non-essential and Car payment or Mortgage is essential. These might be individual bills or recurring payments on your credit card bills. If you really want to examine your expenses thoroughly, you should have one month worth of receipts for everything you spend on.

Now that you have identified the things that are costing you money, list them all on a sheet with their monthly cost. You can see how much you are spending each month on non-essential expenses. Last, choose a goal. 10%, 50%, 80%… that’s how much you have to cut out of your expenses. Start off with a modest goal and see how it goes.

We should do this exercise once every few months because as we move through fads, more expenses pop up and others go away.

As long as you understand that these companies are in business to take your money it will be that much easier to keep your money in your pocket. Do not let them convince you otherwise. You work too hard to just give money away.