I was watching a Sunday Morning national news program and the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert T Kiyosaki authored a new book focusing on your financial IQ. I have not read this book yet and it is probably packed with great tips like the first book.

I have a major problem with the marketing stance that Mr. Kiyosaki is taking and the rhetoric he is using to push this book. He claims that we should budget like the rich and that we should not cut out the luxuries in hopes that when we become rich, we can pay for it then. No matter what he writes in his book, I firmly believe he is leading us down a very dangerous path. Acting rich when you don’t have the means to is a very hazardous way of life.

The new book is marketed based on 5 principles; one of which is “Make More Money”. If making money in this economy was that easy, we wouldn’t have so many people falling into the perils of bankruptcy and foreclosure.

I typically will not post comments for a book that I have not read, but in this case I feel passionately about the topic and the potential consequences to the public.